Rosalía and Björk release a song together and will donate the proceeds to a movement against fish farms

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Björk announced at the beginning of October a collaboration with Rosalía which will be titled Oral. It is a charity song whose benefits will go to a movement against fish farms. The Icelander explained that the money will be received by groups that are demonstrating in her country against fish farming: “Crowds of people in the fjord Seyðisfjörður have protested against fish farming.

The veteran singer affirmed that the profits will help cover the costs of the protesters at a legal level: “So maybe we are a good example for others who want to help.” The artist stated in her statement that Iceland has the largest virgin wilderness in Europe: “Today, sheep roam freely in the mountains during the summer. Fish swim freely in lakes, rivers and fjords. Therefore, when Icelandic and Norwegian businessmen They began to buy farms dedicated to fish farming in most of our fjords, it was a big ‘shock’.”

The interpreter regretted that there is no legislation to regulate this matter and highlighted: “This has had an immense impact on wildlife and on these fish farming farms, where the health conditions of the animals are very precarious.” Furthermore, he pointed out that Icelandic salmon could become extinct after a change in their DNA due to the escape of specimens from fish farms: “There is still a possibility of saving salmon in the north in their natural state.”

On the other hand, Björk clarified a misunderstanding in a subsequent publication, denying that Rosalía and she were going to perform in some protests in Reykjavík. “The farmers are going to gather in the plaza East field and I’m going to show up and support them in the crowd, not from the stage,” he added.

Björk He offered more details about his work with Rosalía in interviews with the British media The Guardian and the Icelandic Vísir. The singer revealed that Oral It will be released at the end of October. It is a topic that rescued from a model recorded 20 years ago and which he discarded at the time for being “too pop”.

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