Rosángela Espinoza culminates her professional career and shows off her graduation certificate: “I did it!”

Happy and satisfied! The exchica reality Rosángela Espinoza, surprised and excited all her fans after publicly announcing that she had finished her university studies and that she is now a young graduate of a Marketing career.

I made it. Grateful. Graduated from the marketing career. My bachelor on the way”, He initially wrote in his publication where he shows the formal document. Likewise, he revealed that his next step in education is to do a master’s degree: “with faith”.

Rosángela swears that she will not return to the reality show

After revealing her controversial departure from her previous job, the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ indicated that she does not plan to be on a reality show again: “right now my plans are not there. How much do they want to bet? 50 thousand dollars?”, He said at the time after arriving from the United States.

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