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The state company of the project is recognized as the best in the field of communication technologiesPhoto: Press service of the State Corporation "Rosatom"

"Big Walk" – a project by Rosatom State Corporation – became the winner of Eventiada's IPA Golden World Awards. The companies presented the award as "The best project that meets international standards". Furthermore, the project was among the finalists of the award in the "Best International Project" nomination. The award ceremony took place on December 6 in Moscow.

The Big Walk is an information campaign and a series of public events that accompanied the first trailer of floating floating group Akademik Lomonosov from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. It is designed to provide power to the Far North and Far East regions, as well as offshore oil and gas platforms.

The action has attracted much attention from the Russian and foreign media. Rosatom PR managers have organized an open discussion platform with environmental organizations. Within the project, Rosatom was positioned as a world leader in nuclear technology, neutralizing the risks of radiophobia. Furthermore, the goal of the project was to attract the attention of potential customers in the international market.

This year, applications from 13 countries around the world participated in the struggle for the most authoritative award in the field of communications in Eastern Europe. The jury selected the winners in five blocks of collective nominations, several personal nominations and the winner of the Grand Prix of the competition.


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