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Roskomnadzor explained the refusal to register "Open Media" as an average

Roskomnadzor's representative Vadim Ampelonsky told RBC of the refusal to register Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Open Media portal as a media.

According to him, the department refused to accept the publication registration documents, as incomplete and "full of formal violations". Ampelonskiy stressed that the applicant could challenge Roskomnadzor's decision in court, but the agency "is confident in his position".

Open Media sues Roskomnadzor for refusing to recognize his media

Previously, RBC had learned that the Open Media Portal had appealed to the Tagansky District Court asking it to force Roskomnadzor to recognize online publication as a means of mass communication. The case was registered on April 15th, underlined that the agency requested "the information from the portal, the provision of which is not required by law".

As explained by the head RBC editor of the Yulia Yarosh portal, the first registration application was presented at the end of December 2018, to which the FNL refused February 1, asking to provide a certified copy of the Yarosh passport. Roskomnadzor responded to the second declaration of February 8, April 2, asking for information on the founders of the publication.



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