World Rosneft estimated the damage from the heading of RBC...

Rosneft estimated the damage from the heading of RBC in ₽43 billion :: Society :: RBC

Rosneft believes that the title called into question the “alienation of Venezuelan assets outside the group’s perimeter”, and the publication “created additional sanction risks for the plaintiff, provoking an additional sanctions policy against him, despite the actual termination of activity in Venezuela.”

The amount of the claim at Rosneft was explained by the worst dynamics of the company’s shares on the MICEX on the day of publication in comparison with the industry index of oil and gas.

“We are delighted with the assessment of the influence of RBC on what is happening on the Russian and world markets and intend to continue to provide our audience with balanced information that helps them make decisions in business,” said Nikolai Molibog, CEO of RBC.

The article tells about the fact that LLC ChOP RN-Okhrana-Ryazan, owned by the state Roszarubezhneft, on May 13 became the owner of an 80% stake in the National Oil Consortium (NOC), follows from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Through a stake in this company, Rosneft previously participated in a joint venture with the Venezuelan PDVSA, which was engaged in the extraction of raw materials in the Orinoco basin.

Private security company RN-Okhrana-Ryazan was established in 1999 and until April 2020 belonged to Rosneft. Its authorized capital was 250 thousand rubles. As follows from the register, on April 30, the private security company passed into the ownership of Roszarubezhneft.

On March 28, Rosneft announced that its assets in Venezuela were transferred to a company 100% owned by the Russian government. A few days later it became known that on the day Rosneft left Venezuela, the Federal Property Management Agency established a new company, Roszarubezhneft.



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