Rosneft invited the councilor to the head of Transneft to apologize to Schroeder


Rosneft has declared unacceptable the declaration of the director to the head of Transneft, Igor Demin, on the need to strengthen the control of the quality of the oil in the system of trunk pipes. Demin commented on the proposal of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who heads Rosneft's board of directors. In his declaration Rosneft has invited Transneft to apologize.

Recall, Schroeder, in a letter to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, proposed the creation of an independent inspector's institute to monitor the quality of oil from the Transneft pipelines. Schroeder also proposed to punish the mini-refineries for up to now if they sell oil of inadequate quality.

Igor Demin said RNSthat Transneft could agree with Mr Schroeder's proposal if the costs of attracting independent inspectors are borne by the oil companies themselves. He also commented on Gerhard Schroeder's proposal to tighten up the regulatory requirements for oil quality and change the limit of organochlorine compounds to a level not exceeding 1 ppm. "Of particular concern to me was the mention in the letter of the inability of the president of the Board of Rosneft to receive information, as I understood from my own company, and for this reason, to contact her in open and not always reliable sources. ", he told the agency.

Furthermore, according to Mr Demin, Rosneft hid the information from its chairman of the board that, in 2018-2019, when the oil was brought into the trunk system by the Rosneft group of companies, CWC values ​​reached 8 ppm at different points of acceptance. "At the same time, both Schroeder and the public broadcast statements on behalf of the company on the non-use of chemicals with organic chlorides in production," said Demin. According to him, lots can easily be found for the purchase of "hundreds of tons of organochlorine solvents" on Rosneft's public procurement website.

"Rosneft considers the comments of Demin, on behalf of Transneft, on the appeal of Gerhard Schroeder, addressed to the head of the government of the Russian Federation, unacceptable in substance and disrespectful in form," the company said. Rosneft added that the contamination of the Druzhba pipeline with organochlorine compounds affected European users, Schroeder reflected their position in his letter.

Rosneft said that the proposal of the former Chancellor contains proposals to ensure the energy security of Russia, Germany, other EU countries and remove long-term reputation and economic risks from Russian oil suppliers. Rosneft called Demin's comment "inadequate," because Transneft never gave a "clear answer to the fundamental questions" about the causes of oil pollution.

Rosneft said that Schroeder is constantly under pressure from Russian competitors and "geopolitical opponents". "In this regard, it would be considered a manifestation of responsibility and decency on the part of the management of Transneft to apologize to Gerhard Schroeder in relation to incorrect and unprovoked public comments by the employee of the company," the note states.

Recall, on April 19, Belneftekhim complained of a sharp deterioration in the quality of oil supplied through the pipeline from Russia, and therefore suspended the transit of Russian raw materials to Europe. Transneft later said that the oil exported was intentionally contaminated with organochlorine compounds. Criminal proceedings were opened concerning the accident caused by intentional oil pollution, in which four people were sent to house arrest.

More in detail, Schroeder's proposal – "Rosneft" does not pass points in the Kommersant material.

On the development of the situation around Druzhba – in the publication "Kommersant" "The Czech Republic is stuck in dirty oil".



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