Ross: And finally – it's the turn of the man –


Today, male birth control still relies on brute force. You take it or the busts.

That's why researchers at the University of Washington are eager to test the latest gel for men: a new gel for male birth control. And it is not applied where you would think.

"It will be applied to the skin of the upper arms and shoulders … rub it every day," said Dr. Tara Narula with CBS.

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The gel suppresses the natural production of testosterone – which means no more spermatozoa – and at the same time, provides replacement testosterone through the skin so as to still maintain all the feelings of your man.

But this is not an in-the-moment thing. You have to apply it every day for about two months. So, if you started now, you should wait at least until March to use your Tinder profile.

When my grown up daughter heard about this male birth control test, her first reaction was "OhMyGod" – without spaces.

But Dr. Narula says it's not about convenience.

"Researchers are saying: Look, it's time for gender equity right now, we need more shared responsibility in family planning," he said.

And I understand it, but let's face it true gender equity can only happen when researchers invent a gel that allows men to get pregnant. So that the woman can look her man in the eye and say, "OK, honey, we're on agreement, a kid is … and it's your turn this time." At that point she would give him the gel and the prenatal vitamins and go to work.



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