Rosstandart has warned of the cancellation of the documents for the verification of the meters


The head of Rosstandart, Alexey Abramov, stated that the counter control documents will replace the registers in the department's special electronic database. Paper certificates will become optional, will be issued only at the request of the counter owner, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“After a specialist checks the measuring device, in the presence of the owner, he will have to enter his results in our register through the public services portal. This record will be the only confirmation of the verification of the measuring device and will inform the owner of the date of the next verification, "explained Abramov.

According to him, this measure will help manage scammers who manipulate the timing of verification, as well as providing fictitious evidence.

The government has presented a bill on the electronic recording of the results of the verification to the State Duma.

The results of the verification are now included in the Rosstandart register, the federal information fund to guarantee the uniformity of the measurements. However, these data are for reference only and are not displayed immediately after verification, but after a few days. The agency is working to ensure that the service is provided online.


the results of the verification will be valid not in paper form, but in the form of an electronic record.

"In this case, the counter owner will always be presentcourseregardless of whether its counter is checked or not and, above all, it will be protected from calls, announcements and notifications, on the urgent and "inevitable" verification or replacement of the meter, "said Abramov.

The new system will complicate the life of scammers. If any organization tries to say that 100 meters were checked on the night between December 31 and January 1, the information system will refuse to accept it, explained the head of the department.

In February of this year, Abramov announced that Rosstandart was planning to introduce amendments that would lift the Russians from the obligation to monitor the correctness of public services.

According to him, it is planned to free the Russians from "true slavery". In the case of adoption of amendments by homeowners or tenants, it will only be necessary to provide access to the house meters to the specialists of the management or resource supply company.

The head of the department said that "the supplier must guarantee the accuracy of the readings", while the consumer "pays for the resources".

Meanwhile, Russia is preparing to introduce smart electricity meters. The same smart meter monitors the amount of electricity consumed, remotely transmits data about it and, if the consumer does not pay their bills chronically, limits the supply of electricity. Furthermore, smart meters can provide consumers with some sort of excess statistics and this can lead to savings.

We recall that at the end of December 2018, the State Duma adopted a law that aims to develop intelligent systems for measuring electricity in Russia. In the event of a fault in the homes of old electricity meters, new measuring devices will appear. The reform will begin on 1 July 2020.

We are talking about both private buildings and condominiums throughout the country.

The regulatory framework for the implementation of smart electricity meters throughout the country is very ready and will be developed in time until mid-2020, said Anastasia Bondarenko, deputy head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Previously in the pilot subjects in which the experiment had been conducted with "smart meters", it was reported that the introduction of smart meters for electricity consumption helped to reduce losses by 10-30% . These results are provided by specialists from the Kaliningrad, Tula and Yaroslavl regions, where smart meters were installed in 2015-2016. The installation of new systems, although not cheap, can pay for itself by reducing network losses over a nine-year period, TASS said.

"I think smart meters should be introduced gradually. We propose to introduce the phase of their implementation: for example, all new houses under construction should be equipped with "intelligent" measuring devices for the common house, "said Maxim Egorov, deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Construction, in .



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