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On average, a first grader set costs 21 thousand rubles. Moreover, if a boy can be collected for school for 18.8 thousand rubles, then a girl – for 23.2 thousand rubles.

Photo: Donat Sorokin / TASS

This year it will cost almost 5 thousand rubles to get a girl to school. dearer than a boy. Such data leads Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

According to the department’s estimates, on average, a boy’s school fees will cost 18.8 thousand rubles for parents, while girls – 23.2 thousand rubles. Rosstat included clothes, sports uniforms, stationery and a backpack in the cost of the kit for the first grader.

On average, a first grader set costs 21 thousand rubles. Compared to last year, the rise in price was 2%, the cost is growing slower than inflation, the Federal State Statistics Service noted. The price of a set for boys increased by 1.7%, and for girls – by 1.1% compared to July last year, inflation for the same period was 3.4%.

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“The average price of clothes in Russia for boys is a little over 14 thousand rubles, and for girls – 18.6 thousand rubles. A set of stationery with a backpack will cost 4.5 thousand, ”the message says.


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