Roundup: the judge reduces Monsanto's damage


The "punitive" damages, according to the American legal term, were reduced from $ 75 million to $ 20 million by San Francisco Vince Chhabria, who discovered that the first amount was "constitutionally ineligible".

On the other hand, the judge did not accept Monsanto's request for a new trial, and did not pay damages intended to compensate the complainant's medical expenses, past and future economic losses, as well as his suffering. morality. That damage still amounts to about $ 5 million.

Monsanto, bought by the German Bayer, will pay a total of over 25 million dollars to Edwin Hardeman, the US pensioner who attacked the group after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2015. He said Hardeman explained that he used Roundup for more 25-year-old to eradicate his California property.

A popular jury in San Francisco concluded that the group's stellar magician caused the cancer and that Monsanto was guilty of doing nothing to prevent possible dangers from its glyphosate product.

"Based on the evidence that emerged during the trial, Monsanto deserves to be punished," said Vince Chhabria in his judgment.

"The evidence easily supports the conclusion that Monsanto was more concerned with limiting security investigations and manipulating public opinion than ensuring that its product was safe," he added.

But "punitive damages were about 15 times" greater than "compensatory damages", the judge argued.

"Monsanto's behavior, if reprehensible, does not justify such a relationship," he concluded.

Monsanto's lawyers described the sentence as "not in the right direction", but reiterated that Roundup cannot be blamed for Mr. Hardeman's cancer. Bayer has announced its intention to appeal.

On the contrary, Edwin Hardeman's defense praised the fact that the judge rejected Monsanto's arguments to overturn the trial.

"For years, Monsanto has lied about Roundup's safety and undermined all efforts to inform the public that Roundup is causing cancer," said Jennifer Moore, a seventy-year-old lawyer. "The jury's verdict should continue."

Monsanto faces thousands of other procedures in the United States. In another case in May, the group was sentenced by a jury in Oakland, near San Francisco, to pay $ 2 billion to a couple of seventy years with cancer.

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