Rowling gets support from Hollywood star

WELL-KNOWN SCOTT: Brian Cox, here at the premiere of “Prisoner’s Daughter” last autumn.

Scotsman Brian Cox is fed up with the treatment the Harry Potter author receives from trans activists and other critics.


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– I don’t like the way she is treated, says Brian Cox, known from a wide range of Hollywood films and TV series, including “Succession”, which was filmed in Norway last autumn.

JK Rowling has for several years been criticized, and at times harassed. She has been singled out as a transphobe and so-called “TERRIFICTERRIFICAbbreviation for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist”. A feminist who, according to her opponents, does not consider trans women to be “real” women.» by opponents and activists. Norwegian librarians have said they will not promote the Harry Potter books. Even a computer game based on the Harry Potter universe became the subject of boycott demands earlier this year.

The author has repeatedly denied that she is transphobic.

The background for the criticism is that the author has advocated the importance of gender and women’s safety. The author has also occasionally criticized the trans movement with sarcasm.


She has also been skeptical of removing the legal distinction between the sexes, which the Scottish Parliament has adopted. It is in this context that Brian Cox has spoken about Rowling. He himself says he is proud of his home country’s decision to allow people to change their legal gender without surgery, a law the British government has said it will block.

Nevertheless, Cox manages to keep his tongue straight in his mouth and welcomes Rowling’s diametrically opposite view into the debate:

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– I think she should have the right to speak her mind, she should have the right to say what she feels. As a woman, she has every right to say what she thinks about her own body.

– So, I think people have become “high and dark” in their attitudes towards JK Rowling, quite frankly, he says according to Hollywood Reporter.

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have all publicly distanced themselves from some of the statements made by the author who made them stars. Helena Bonham Carter, who also starred in Harry Potter believes, however, that her treatment has been appalling.

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Published: 24.01.23 at 02:40

Updated: 24.01.23 at 06:24

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