Roxy Jacenko responds to bad tweets


This was just one of the reactions on Twitter when Channel 10 announced that a reality show about Roxy Jacenko would be aired in the pilot week experiment.

I'm … Roxy! previews tomorrow night later The bachelor and will give viewers "a raw look, uncensored and not displeased about the life of the controversial public relations guru, author, wife and mother of two", according to Channel 10.

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The reality show is one of four that will be aired during the pilot week, and after all it has been broadcast Channel 10 will use a variety of measures including social media reaction and timeslot performance to help decide which shows will be commissioned for a complete series.

I'm … Roxy! he is easily the most talked about show of the four and was greeted with equal parts of excitement and online derision.

But Jacenko, accustomed to capturing online hatred, responded to her criticism when she took part in a segment of average tweets for Have a look in the video player at the top of the page.

I'm … Roxy! airs Wednesday night at 8.30pm on Canale 10



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