Royal Oak and the power of stones

Audemars Piguet’s iconic watch is revisited this season with a bezel set with colored stones. In a series of videos, gemologist Chloé Sarasola confides in her passion and evokes the values ​​conveyed by timepieces and gems.

Drawing new energies, finding inner peace, taking the time to reconnect with oneself… This is what stones have the power to inspire us. The Swiss haute horlogerie manufacturer Audemars Piguet wanted to adorn its Royal Oak models with colored stones, thus giving them a particular femininity and luminosity.

The Frosted Gold 41 mm, in white, pink or yellow gold, was thus designed with this ancestral technique of creating tiny notches using a tool topped with a diamond point. The effect produced, delicate, is that of a sparkle of diamond dust. For its part, the Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph 38 mm is reinterpreted with a bezel set with amethysts.

New versions that take on their full meaning when we observe the similarities between the mineral world and the creations of Audemars Piguet: in the same way that gems need time and each carry a different message, the design of watches Royal Oak requires patience and great thoroughness.

Enhance a natural element thanks to creativity and know-how

For gemologist Chloé Sarasola – thatAudemars Piguet wished to meet for its expertise in lithotherapy – the discovery of precious stones, their mystical character and the idea that personalities reveal themselves in contact with them was a real revelation. “I was 8 years old when I received my first stone,” she says. I told myself that there was something esoteric about the connection with the stones and wanted to dig that deeper. “

A natural element that we can also take elsewhere, sublimate, thanks to talent and creativity: “I love the added value that Man can add by working with stone. It’s almost a resonance in relation to all the work you can do on yourself, ”adds Chloé Sarasola.

The Royal Oaks, reinvented this season, deliver this message of ode to nature and its power. Respecting time, but also mastering and honoring know-how are the foundation of the philosophy of the Manufacture. A thought shared by Chloé Sarasola: “Going from the state of perfection to excellence, that inspires me a lot.”


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