Royal visit of Pakistan: Kate's clothes trace comparisons to Diana


10/15/19 photo file of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a traditional periwinkle blue kurta by local designer Maheen Khan, during a visit to a school in central Islamabad on the second day of the royal visit to Pakistan, and photo of the file dated 23 / 05/97 of Diana, Princess of Wales, depicted in a royal blue shalwar kameez, during her visit to Lahore, Pakistan.

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The woman who drew Kate's kurta says it's all a coincidence

The dresses of the Duchess of Cambridge on the royal tour of Pakistan have drawn comparisons with those worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.

Some argue that Kate is giving a modern twist to the clothes worn by her husband William's mother during visits to Pakistan in the 90s. On the second day of the visit, Kate's dress had a striking resemblance to the blue floral dress that Diana wore when she met young cancer patients in a Lahore hospital in May 1997.

On social media many have praised the duchess for her style choices – and women have shared photos of their blue dresses.

But the designer behind some of the clothes says that any resemblance to what Diana wore is just a coincidence.

"As for my plans for the Duchess, I had no particular ideas or colors in mind," Maheen Khan told BBC Urdu.

"I realized that he needed something simple, classic because he loves the elegance."

He said he thought blue would "fuse" with Kate's light complexion.

"I chose periwinkle blue – it's a beautiful blue. And I thought the duchess's dress should reflect our Pakistani culture."

So Khan kept this in mind and kept "the Pakistani silhouette as kurta, pants and dupatta", which did not go unnoticed.

The royal couple arrived in Pakistan on Monday night, with Kate wearing a blue tunic and trousers, apparently inspired by the region's traditional shalwar kameez.

He reminded people of what Diana wore during her visits to Pakistan.

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The dress of arrival that made everyone talk

On Tuesday, the dark blue kurta and scarf courtesy of Maheen Khan were on display during a visit to a school in Islamabad.

"It's a matter of pride and pleasure for me that Kate wore a dress I designed," said Khan, adding that he had not had direct communication with her.

Later, the royal couple met with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

"The duchess wore a green Catherine Walker shirt, white pants designed by me and a green dupatta [scarf] by Satrangi. That's how Kate put together her outfit. That's why everyone calls her a fashionable woman," Khan said to the BBC.

Catherine Walker was one of Diana's favorite designers.

"It's a matter of pride and pleasure for me that Kate wore a dress I designed. Usually I add two colors to my sketches, so I had in mind that Kate would have loved this dress too.

"I used different types of fabrics in Kate's costumes, including chiffon and raw silk. I thought Kate liked to wear simple, classic and elegant clothes."

The duchess also won praise for wearing earrings by Pakistani designer Zeen. And main street "bare heels" are currently declared exhausted in the United Kingdom in the choice of color, beige, after wearing them on Tuesday morning.

However, not everyone is focused on clothes.

The royal couple's commitments on Tuesday night caused traffic chaos and left many in Islamabad unimpressed, partly because automatic rickshaws are banned in the capital, but a special exception was made.

Those who had not been disturbed, however, also emphasized the well-deserved prince for his fashion choice, because he wore a local black sherwani, a knee-length jacket with matching pants.

Maheen Khan has won numerous awards for his projects and work in the television and film industry. He made clothes for many celebrities, including the first female prime minister of Pakistan, which was an icon for women around the world.

"I designed a green shirt and a white dupatta for Benazir Bhutto, who still loves his wax statute at Madame Tussauds in London," Khan said.

So maybe it's not a surprise that the real staff came into contact before the trip.

"This is a shop in London where I show clothes designed by myself. Representatives of the British royal family went there and took my clothes and then contacted me," Khan said.

"Now people are madly asking for Kate's dark blue dress. So far I've received many orders for that dress and my team is working on new orders."

Others who wore his designs include Jemima Khan, Imran Khan's ex-wife. Mr. Khan, former international cricket star and now prime minister, he was a friend of Diana's.

But any parallel between the clothes worn by Kate and Diana is not intentional.

"I haven't even seen the dresses worn by Princess Diana during her visit to Pakistan. This is just a coincidence," says Khan. I just thought about what would be suitable for Kate. "

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