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RTB Technology Co., Ltd. shows its operating results for the first 9 months of 2021. Total revenue for 9 months is over 600 million baht, an increase of 59%, against the economic trend. By having a product that covers the needs of the future and the trend of work and home schooling. Pushing the demand for products in the modern digital lifestyle group and the group of digital communication devices for modern organizations (Modern Work Place) ready to aggressively penetrate online channels covering all channels By delivering innovative True Wireless headphones under the brand “Jabra” (Jabra) 2 new models “Jabra Elite 7 Pro” and “Jabra Elite 7 Active” to enter the market in the fourth quarter that are outstanding with noise cancellation. with a new compact design for greater flexibility in use believe to push the revenue of the year 64 to exceed 800 million baht

Dr. Banpot Watthanasombat Managing Director of RTB Technology Company Limited revealed that “Since 2020 has been a very challenging year for doing business. because faced with changing situations in many aspects affecting the economy and purchasing power of consumers However, in this year 2021, RTB has adjusted and focused on marketing in full. make growth satisfactory The operating results in the past nine months had total revenue of 600 million baht, or a 59% increase compared to the same period of 2020 as a result of having a portfolio of products and brands that are products of the future In each type of product that the Company holds, most of them are in a growing phase. Whether it’s true wireless headphones, wireless speakers, gaming devices or digital devices for the office and work-from-home products. There are also adaptations to adapt to the situation all the time. together with more distribution channels through online platforms. Including the addition of new brands of quality and modern products, a variety of brands. It is also a distributor of Apple accessories as well.

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In 2020, the True Wireless headset segment slowed down in the early days of the country shutdown. Since consumers don’t need headphones when they are at home, but in 2021, more and more consumers are starting to come back to buy these types of headphones. To use both entertainment and Work From Home because True Wireless headphones are more efficient at work. Which is in line with the world trend that this year, True Wireless Headphones are growing at 33%. Recently, RTB has a plan to penetrate the True Wireless headphone market by delivering the ultimate innovation True Wireless headphones from the brand. “Jabra” Going on the market at the same time up to 2 models, including Jabra Elite7 Pro and Jabra Elite7 Active

DrBanpot added that “The year 2022 still faces many uncertainty situations. As a result, business practices must be more careful and prudent. Next year, there are plans to bring more innovative headphones and new accessories to add more ports. Especially the product group that focuses on digital lifestyles, work from home devices and gaming devices. To respond to the trend of hybrid work, including adding online channels to cover all platforms to reach more customers by ensuring that from continuous self-adjustment as well as delivering new innovations to meet the demands of non-stop consumers. It will cause RTB’s sales to grow by over 60% by the end of this year.

Pic Jabra Elite 7 Active

Ms. Wimonmarn Wattanasombat, Marketing Director of RTB Technology Co., Ltd. Said “Jabra” (Jabra) is a brand that specializes in equipment related to Bluetooth headphones for a long time. And never stop in innovating and developing to provide quality headphones and meet all lifestyle needs, making “Jabra” (Jabra) Brand Awareness that is strong and is loved by ear lovers. Listen in Thailand with both True Wireless headphones being redesigned for music lovers who want high-quality headphones with greater ease of use than ever before.

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for Jabra Elite7 Pro It’s the ultimate True Wireless headphones with superior innovation with Jabra MultiSensor Voice™, which works in conjunction with Bone Conduction Technology, which captures jaw vibrations. Combined with 4 microphones to pick up voice and the intelligent algorithm of “Jabra” (Jabra) makes the most clear talk performance. The newly developed jaw motion detection system with Bone Conduction ensures the clearest sound during conversations. in the face of the wind This is a big stumbling block for small headphones. In addition, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro has meticulously adapted both form and function. to provide a more full listening experience than before It features Feedforward ANC noise cancellation for enhanced music listening and phone call performance. Including coming with powerful sound with 6 mm speakers with HearThrough function that allows you to hear the sound from the outside without having to remove the headphones for sound time. Keeping in touch and safe on the road At the same time, the new earbuds are redesigned to be 16% more compact than the Elite 75t, using data from 62,000 ear scans, and are splash and dust resistant to IP57 standards. It also supports integration with the Jabra Sound+ app to allow users to customize various sounds to suit their ears better (My Sound+My Fit) via their mobile phones easily. The battery lasts up to 8 hours with ANC on, and up to 30 hours with the charging case. Ready to support fast charging with USB-C, charging only 15 minutes, can listen to music for another 60 minutes, allowing you to use continuously without interruption. There are 3 colors to choose from: Titanium / Gold Beige / Black, available for purchase at a price of 7,790 baht.

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Pic Jabra Elite 7 Pro

while Jabra Elite7 Active These are premium True Wireless headphones that come with Jabra ShakeGrip™ technology to create a seamless headphone body. The liquid silicone rubber (Liquid Silicon) will increase the adhesion of the headphones, not easy to fall off even while moving, and also provide durability, waterproof, sweatproof, suitable for music lovers who like to exercise in a design that compact It also comes with powerful sound with 6 mm speakers, combined with Feedforward ANC noise cancellation technology, so sound is clear in every situation. At the same time, it also comes with 4 microphones and supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection, as well as a HearThrough function that allows you to listen to outside sounds without having to remove the headphones. Helping to stay connected and safe when on the road Moreover The headphones are also designed to be splash and dust resistant to IP57 standards and are compatible with the Jabra Sound+ app to allow users to customize the sound. via mobile phone by yourself easily The battery supports 8 hours of continuous use with ANC on, and up to 30 hours with the charging case. and also supports fast charging with USB-C, charging only 10 minutes, can listen to music for another 90 minutes, with 3 colors to choose from: Black / Navy and Mint, available for sale at a price of 6,790 baht

Interested parties can hurry to reserve the owner of the latest Jabra headphones 2 new models “Jabra Elite7 Pro ” and Jabra Elite7 Active” Available today at Studio7, iStudio by Copperwired, iSudio by SPVi, Jaymart,Dotlife,Banana IT, Munkonggadget, Mercular, Powermall and Powerbuy.

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