RTL 5 minutes – “A sawtooth disease”: Patients tell their coronavirus at home

Several patients diagnosed positive for coronavirus testify and tell us about this disease “which is unlike any other”.


Esther Boissière remembers very well the day when the virus knocked on his door. “It was March 12. We bought beers with my partner to watch Emmanuel Macron’s speech on TV”, hands over this 45-year-old teacher.

Once the screen was turned off, she had “Headache” and 38.2 temperature, while she does “never fever”. The next day a doctor diagnoses a “suspicion” of coronavirus and stops it fifteen days. “But I tell myself that it can also be a flu”said Esther.

The teacher will quickly become disillusioned. The nights are linked, she wakes up often “soaked”, cough a lot. The situation gets worse on March 20, “my birthday”. “Not good at all”, the forties feels “tightness in the head and rib cage”.

Breathe bECOMES “very complicated”, her voltage goes down to “10”. “I was really afraid of dying”, she says. Firefighters move but his case is not serious enough to require an hospitalization. His arrest is extended.

“The hardest part is never knowing when it’s going to get better. It comes in waves, it’s a funny effect”, she explains. She starts to “see the end of the tunnel” but still afraid of “plunge” and worries about “to have consequences”, including lung damage.


Claire, a 28-year-old girl from Lille, also hopes that “the worst is behind” she. When the diagnostic of the doctor fell she was “shocked”. Given her age, she expected “smaller symptoms”.

Today at “D + 12”, she says to heal “2% every day”, n / A “more lung pain” but always “of body aches and the runny nose. “It’s super long, it goes away, it comes back, it looks like nothing and everything at the same time”, she sums up.

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The home isolation of these sick, even if their cases are not the most serious, often generates a lot of anxiety.


“Sometimes I said to myself:” I’m fine, but if in the middle of the night I can’t breathe, I start to suffocate, how is it going?says Vasken Pekmezian, 37, who experienced a complete loss of taste and smell, other characteristic symptoms.

Like all patients interviewed by AFP, he regrets not having been tested. “I contaminated my pregnant wife”, he plague. The transmission of the virus to the fetus is not established by doctors. “At the same time, they recognize that we have no perspective”, he emphasizes.

“Psychologically it is the difficulty of no longer breathing” who also worried Florian Lenglet, 30. “We don’t want to be alone in the hospital” or “abuse the 15” at the expense of a more serious case but “we constantly wonder if we are not putting ourselves in danger”, explains this service station manager near Versailles.

He too is exhausted by the comings and goings of symptoms: “One day, I’m overflowing with energy, the next day I’m flat, it’s a jagged disease like no other”.

“The psychological aspect is very complicated to manage. It is not like a bad flu. Here, we know that it is fatal”, recognizes Christian Quest, 45, healed for three days. “There is a Russian roulette side, estimates this parliamentary collaborator. But, according to the age and the comorbidities, there are more or less bullets in the barrel. It is stressful”.

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