RTL GUEST – The boss of NASA confirms a “first woman on the Moon” and praises Pesquet

After two false starts, la mission Artemis is expected to carry out a new rocket launch towards the Moon in the coming weeks. A test launch, without crew, carried out to verify that in the long term, it will be possible to transport crews to the Moon. Thereby, “a first moon landing for a crew is expected for 2025“, assures Bill Nelson, the administrator of NASA, at the microphone of RTL. And this first “probably international” crew will be made up of four astronauts… including a woman ! She will be the first woman to walk on the moon.

However, the members of this crew have not yet been selected. But a Frenchman has already applied… It is of course Thomas Pésquet ! “It’s America’s favorite, I can tell you, assures Bill Nelson. Everyone loves Thomas (Pesquet) and he has a bright future ahead of him.”

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