Entertainment RTL quarantine flat share: Michelle Hunziker's call from Bergamo...

RTL quarantine flat share: Michelle Hunziker’s call from Bergamo lowers the mood


panorama RTLs “Quarantine flat share”

When Michelle tells Hunziker from Bergamo, the mood collapses

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Death is lonely in Bergamo

The picturesque small town of Bergamo in the north of Italy is the city most affected by Corona after Wuhan in China. Grief and suffering can hardly be put into words here.

Gottschalk, Jauch, Pocher – this is RTL’s “Quarantine Flat Share”, which is supposed to provide TV entertainment in pandemic times every evening. However, when the entertainers Michelle Hunziker from Italy is switched on, the good mood threatens to tip over.

Tag two of RTL’s new program “Die Quarantäne WG”, and still only one of the participants is actually really affected: Comedian Oliver Pocher is actually infected with the novel corona virus, he is currently not allowed to leave the house.

As is so often the case here, communication takes place via webcam; Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk are switched on, who initially hardly leave a fool. When Pocher, for example, says that his wife, who is also infected, is on the mend and that, for example, his sense of taste is coming back, the former “Wetten, dass …?” Moderator interjects: “Not that she then leaves you”.

Michelle Hunziker joined the RTL virtual quarantine flat share from Bergamo

Source: TVNOW

General thumping in the thigh, apart from the mocked, of course. It continues like this. The men’s group was later loosened up by guest stars: soccer player Toni Kroos reported from Madrid, moderator Michelle Hunziker from Bergamo.

Football is just a “second violin”, says Kroos

The conversation developed from two hotspots of the current pandemic and accordingly seriously. Real Madrid star Kroos is also currently in quarantine and training alone, he says. Football currently only plays “the second violin”, the athlete said in view of the dramatic conditions in Spain, where 2991 people have already died from the consequences of a Covid 19 infection.

He therefore advocates tough political measures, including curfews. “The earlier you do this, the sooner it may be contained,” said the international.

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Because more and more young people get Corona in Spain, there is a lack of ventilators

The show’s second guest star also made serious tones: Michelle Hunziker. Gottschalk’s former “Wetten, dass …?” Co-moderator has Swiss-Italian roots and lives with his husband Tomaso Trussardi in Bergamo – one of the worst cities in Italy affected by the Corona virus.

Hunziker also has to mourn the death

She never thought that such a disaster could happen, said the 43-year-old. “We have many, many people who are doing very badly,” she says of the situation in her region. The local conditions are dramatic. “Many old people can no longer be brought to the hospital. They die alone at home. ”She and her family would also have lost people close to them, the mother of three said, while their listeners listened breathlessly.

It is difficult to protect against infection, the entertainer continues. A face mask costs an incredible 264 euros in the local pharmacy. Hope gives people that the curve of new infections in Italy has flattened somewhat in the past two days.

Oliver Pocher, who asks whether toilet paper is scarce in Italy, finally manages to get back on an entertainment program. Yes, that is also the case in Bergamo, says Hunziker and then laughs again: “That connects people worldwide”.



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