Rubiales and the kiss to Jenni Hermoso, reviews, "dimission"insults to critics and an obligatory apology

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The New York Timesthe CNN, The team, The Guardianthe Australian The News… From the Atlantic al Peacefulthe kiss of Luis Rubiales a Jenni Beautiful starred in much of the information in the international media on a day that seemed reserved for the historic victory of the Spanish women’s team in the world. An unprecedented milestone that was overshadowed by the «gushing moment” of the president of the federation with the Madrid striker, whom he hugged, grabbed by the head and kissed on the mouth during the medal ceremony.

«What has happened between a player and me… Well surely i was wrong. It was a moment of maximum effusiveness, without bad faith. This is how Rubiales himself defined it from Dohascale of the national expedition between Sydney and Madrid. It was in the capital of Qatar, already at noon on Monday, 24 hours after the “peak” to Hermosowhen the highest president of Spanish football decided to back down, advised by his team, and apologize for what happened in the Stadium Australia. «You have to understand that when you are president of an institution as important as the Federation, you have to, especially in ceremonies and in this type of matter, be more careful», he explained.

An image that was condemned by the Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Diazwho asked for his «dimission» and accused him of having «harassed and assaulted a woman». “His excuses from him are useless at all,” Díaz insisted.

When getting off the plane in the Arab country, rubiales and their entourage met the national and international stir that had been mounted by the images of the president during the final. The publication of the video your celebration in the box didn’t help either. between jumps and screams, he grabbed his crotch while by his side were Queen Letizia and the Infanta Sofía. Televisions, social networks and digital media made it a trend overnight. “An unpleasant reminder of the sexism that has plagued women’s football,” he headlined The New York Times.

From Sydney, and given the high level of criticism, the Federation sent EFE some Hermoso’s Written Statements in which he downplayed the matter and said that it had been “a spontaneous mutual gesture.” “The president and I have a great relationship.” But the appearance of Rubiales in Cope’s Great Gametrying to defend against the attacks and calling «asshole”, “assholes” and “scoops» to those who criticized him, he increased the negative comments. «It is a peak of two friends. With everything I’ve been through, more bullshit and more assholes… No. Don’t even tell me about slobs, “she blurted out on the radio.

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