Rubiales asked Hermoso to appear in the video of his apologies

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Luis Rubialespresident of the Spanish Football Federationwould have insistently asked Jenni Beautiful to appear with him in the apology video recorded at the Doha airport after the commotion caused by the manager’s kiss to the soccer player in the World Cup final. According to ‘Relief‘, Rubiales “acknowledged that his position was at stake and that I needed your support. But the footballer refused.”

Minutes later, the media assures, the national coach Jorge Vilda He would also have tried to talk to the player and her surroundings, approaching their seats on the plane on several occasions.

Finally, the president of the RFEF appeared only in the video, highlighting that it had been an act “without bad faith on both sides.” “What happened between me and a player… Well, surely i was wrong. It was a moment of maximum effusiveness, without bad faith”.

“You have to understand that when you are president of an institution as important as the Federation, you have to, especially in ceremonies and in this type of matter, be more careful”he explained.

When getting off the plane in the Arab country, rubiales and their entourage met the national and international stir that had been mounted by the images of the president during the final. The publication of the video your celebration in the box didn’t help either. between jumps and screams, he grabbed his crotch while by his side were Queen Letizia and the Infanta Sofía. Televisions, social networks and digital media made it a trend overnight. “An unpleasant reminder of the sexism that has plagued women’s football,” he headlined The New York Times.

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