Rubiales testifies today in the National Court for the kiss against Jenni Hermoso

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Almost a month after the victory of the women’s team in the World Cup, the former president of the Federation Luis Rubiales appears today (12:00) before a judge of the National Court to declare as being investigated by the kiss on the mouth that he gave to the player Jenni Hermoso at the presentation of trophies.

A scandal that caused a wave of indignation and that ended with the definitive resignation of Rubiales last Sunday -despite the fact that he initially assured that he would not do so- and with the presentation of a complaint by the Prosecutor’s Officewhich has been admitted by the judge.

The public ministry believes that the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) could have committed a crime of sexual assault when giving a non-consensual kiss to Hermoso, holding his head with both hands, according to what she herself declared; and another of coercion due to the pressure that the soccer player reported having suffered from her superior and her professional environment to make her publicly justify what happened.

Rubiales, who He has maintained at all times that the kiss was consensualwill give his version of the events again this Friday before the judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorgewhich is already collecting all the videos of what happened, “from all angles”, from moments before and after the celebration.

The former leader is summoned at 12:00 p.m. before the JCentral Instruction Court number 1 and he will come accompanied by his lawyer to answer your questions, those of the Prosecutor’s Office and those of the judge.

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