Ruby Rose shares cryptic posts after Jessica Origliasso's engagement


Ruby Rose shared a series of cryptic posts about "real relationships" and "love struggle", a few days after her ex, Jessica Origliasso announced her engagement with partner Kai Carlton.

"A real relationship has fights," said one of the posts shared by Rose, probably referring to her split acrimonie from the Veronicas star last year.

Another meme said: "We fall in love with three people in our lives", to which Rose added "I adore this" before publishing it on its 14.4 million fans.

Another cryptic post read: "When the nails become long, we cut the nails not the fingers. Similarly, when the misunderstanding grows, cut your ego, not your relationship. "

Rose also shared a post that said: "Maybe they will choose you … maybe they won't. But nothing matters if you choose yourself."

Last week, Origliasso announced through Instagram that it was engaged to its male trans partner Kai Carlton on their one-year anniversary.

"Happy one year and THE REST OF MY LIFE with you [Kai]", he wrote.

"I was happy crying for two hours. I never felt so full."

The couple met in November 2018, seven months after Origliasso separated with Rose.

Rose and Origliasso had an unstable relationship, with Origliasso telling Kyle and Jackie O last year that their union was "very complex".

"I'm still trying to come to terms with reality every day, so it's really hard to explain to anyone," the singer said.

"So many things have happened, so many that I can't even think about it."

Eventually they separated in April 2018.

Things got even more acidic among ex-lovers, becoming public after Origliasso published a photo of his kissing his new love at his sister Lisa's wedding in November 2018.

Rose commented on the post: "Congratulations, I'm so happy for both."

Origliasso answered, accusing Rose of private "constant harassment".

"I asked you not to contact me for more than four months," Origliasso wrote.

"You have been given my grace to be ignored on every other private platform, so the fact that you continue to ignore it to contact me publicly under the pretext of wishing me well, is a constant harassment.

"This is new to me," Rose replied.

Origliasso then published a quote in his Instagram story on "law" and "conditional love" and "toxic people".

Rose also had a fractured relationship with Origliasso's twin, Lisa.

In 2017, Rose had a fight with Lisa, on Lisa's remarks in the months prior to the plebiscite of gay marriage in Australia.

In a tweet canceled since then, Rose had a crack with her girlfriend's twin sister for celebrating the Yes vote on same-sex marriage, accusing her of expressing her own doubts about the issue in the previous months.


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"I'm so happy to see Lisa Origlia screaming with excitement about the vote yes after telling us that she thinks we should feel lucky & # 39; that we do not stone ourselves like they do in other countries and we overcome it a few months ago … My heart is really hot ", tweeted Rose.

He finished the tweet with an open-eyed emoji.

Lisa replied on Twitter, denying having expressed intolerant views on same-sex marriage and stating that she would continue to show "constant support for the LGBTI community".



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