Rud family visits “Man-Baei Toey”

Fans send encouragement to “Man-Bai Toei”, sleeps in jail for the first night, family rushes to visit, refrains from talking to the media

After the Office of Special Litigation, the Office of the Attorney General has an opinion on the indictment of 6 suspects, including Mr. Pattanaphon Kunchorn or “DJ Man” and Ms. Suteewan Kunchorn or “Bai Toey”, two young singers, husband and wife, from the offense. Forex-3D Ponzi scheme on 3 charges: jointly borrowing money that is defrauding the public, jointly defrauding the public and offense accordingly Computer Crime Act. False data import database The court did not allow temporary release. As a result, correctional officers took DJ Man to the Bangkok Special Prison. While Baitoey was taken to the Central Women’s Correctional Institution

In the morning of May 10, 2023, Mrs. Pimkhae Kunchorn Na Ayutthaya, DJ Man’s mother and Mr. Chanvit Taweesin or Luke, his younger brother and personal manager asked for pandan leaves. Traveling to the Central Women’s Correctional Institution Which is the place to detain Bai Toey Mother DJ Man walked in and waited inside since about 10 a.m. before the younger brother Baitoey and the manager entered. By the way, relatives did not give an interview to the press. and spent about 1 hour in the Central Women’s Correctional Institution

before all and travel to the Bangkok Remand Prison which is the place where DJ Man was detained for about 30 minutes before returning Which, while on the way to get in the car, Mae DJ Man thumbs up Communicate that you fight to the fullest. but no interview

When the reporter asked whether Bring personal belongings to both of them or not, the family said. cannot bring personal belongings but must order from the correctional facility which will have a list of various personal items and food for relatives to order for those in custody But today, relatives have not visited either DJ Man-Baei Toei. Because both are still in quarantine according to correctional regulations

Mr. Sitthi Suteewong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Corrections and spokesperson for the Department of Corrections Both of them revealed that DJ Man can eat. can sleep and rest no stress condition and follow normal prison regulations

Pandan leaves are slightly stressed, can’t sleep, and haven’t had breakfast yet. in which Pandanus cooperates with officials in Behave according to the regulations of the correctional institution well.

At the same time, in the social media world, a woman named Khun Kanlaya recorded a clip to cheer up Bai Toei. She said that she had been in prison. So I know what life is like. what to meet Because I was pregnant for 2 months and had to go to jail. document signing case and turned out to be a fake document I know that Pandanus must miss her child very much. Because when he was in prison, he didn’t see any relatives. Until I can bail for 5 months, so I know how painful it is for parents.

As for the case of celebrities in prison, she said that most of the prisoners are hilarious. For her luck, most of them meet prisoners in the D. Helping stars in prison time will have one advantage. That is, if they had the money, they could hire the prisoners to do laundry and ironing. And then there’s the food that the family will send. But whoever doesn’t have money will be in trouble. Understand that Khun Man or Bai Toei probably won’t have a problem with the body. But the heart will surely be difficult.

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