Rudder, Rubiales’ right hand man, "deliberately failed to tell the truth"

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The judge of the National Court investigating Luis Rubiales for the kiss he gave the soccer player Jenni Hermoso has taken statements as witnesses Jose Maria Timoncabinet director of the former president of the RFEF; Javier Lopez Vallejopsychologist of the women’s team Javier Puyollresponsible for compliance of the federation.

Regarding the testimony of Timon Iglesias, the Prosecutor’s Office understands that “he has deliberately failed to tell the truth.” Apparently, the one who was the right hand of Rubiales when he was president of the Federation, he has contradicted the versions of other witnesses who had passed through this room of the Federation. National audience. Rudder He has denied that he witnessed pressure on the player Jenni Hermoso to justify the kiss that the former president gave him after the World Cup final in Sydney.

He has also done it Vallejo and has also denied the version of the press officer of the women’s team, Patricia Perezwho reported having suffered pressure in the statement he made in the office of Rubiales after the internal procedure of the Federation that ended up exonerating the former president.

However, the compliance officer does admit “irregularities” in the press officer’s statement on August 23 in the office of Rubiales. It also provides data that demonstrates that some of the participants in that meeting have been untruthful in their statements as witnesses today and in previous days.

The Prosecutor’s Office reserves the option of acting against some of the witnesses participating in the case due to the contradiction of their versions. The Public Ministry assures that “they will do so when the appropriate procedural moment arises.”

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