“Rudelsingen” meets a nerve in society


And all visitors join in: Visitors at the “Rudelsingen” in Wuppertal.
Image: Stefan Finger

David Rauterberg brings in the “Rudelsingen” Thousands to shake without inhibitions. The idea for the hands-on concerts he has copied from a Cologne musician – and thus apparently hit a social nerve.

IIn the summer of this year Katrin Höpker became clear. The trained singer, pianist and inventor of the event series “Ms. Höpker asks to sing – The sing-along concert” published a press release with an angry undertone, in which she emphasized that her performances could be achieved without the use of playback. “We would therefore ask you to do without terms such as” karaoke “and” Rudelsingen “in connection with Mrs. Höpker's sing-along concert,” concluded the communication.

Sarah Obertreis

That was a swipe at their fiercest competitor David Rauterberg, who works with half-playbacks. Höpker and Rauterberg did not really have much to say, but this clarification was in both interests. Because Rauterberg has registered the name of his sing-along concerts seven years ago as a brand. His wife had the idea. “Rudelsingen” has since been a protected term. Rauterberg with two colleagues and eleven other teams perform throughout Germany and the Netherlands – with a video projector, an electric piano, a guitar and a microphone.

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