Ruffin's anger in the hemicycle after the rejection of a law on the inclusion of students with disabilities


The law on "inclusion of students with disabilities" will not be completed. The majority parliamentarians have decided to back down this Thursday. The text, proposed in particular from the Republican deputy elected in the Lot Aurélien Pradié, called in particular to create a unique status, financially revalued, for auxiliaries of school life (AVS) or the accompaniment of pupils in a situation of disability, as noted here Le Figaro. And this problem has ulcerated the rebel French deputy elected in the Somme, François Ruffin who won against his colleagues in the running Republic.

"You have 300 and no amendments!"

Giving the tone of entry, he said: "Do not be ashamed of your laziness, ashamed of your sectarianism, I will summarize, not only for the citizens outside, but for you here, because you measure your shame". Noting that the people who accompany disabled students in schools have received from 600 to 700 euros for this activity, a salary below the poverty line, "with ultra-precarious contracts", has blown up what he described as a form of passivity: "To change this, since the beginning of the mandate, what proposal of law have you brought? Nothing, no one, and the ministry, what account? Nothing, no one"

After paying tribute to Aurélien Pradié, a member of the Republicans, presenting his text as laudable even if "improvable", felt that the Republic in motion had turned its back on a transpartisan debate: "And we, we Uninvited but also the communists, the socialists, the IDUs, the republicans, we have presented amendments to the commission, you walkers, no, you have 300 and no amendments! "


François Ruffin judged that the "Walkers" had adopted gregarious behavior and described them as "flock" or "Playmobil" simply by raising their hands in time to vote "against, against, against". He, one last time before leaving the microphone, overwhelmed the parliamentarians responsible for rejecting the proposal.

"I hope the country will not forgive you, we ask for a public vote, the names of the voters will be public, I will publish them on my Facebook page and I will not be the only one! They will be circulating throughout France and this vote, I am convinced that you will stick to your skin like an infamy! "

This Friday, the founder of the Fakir newspaper passed from words to deed by publishing the names of the 70 deputies (58 from La Republique en marche, a member of the Republicans, and eleven MoDem representatives) on his website having voted the previous rejection proposal.

Aurélien Pradié stunned by the "coldness" of LaRem

This Friday morning on our antenna, Aurélien Pradié, was pleased to have been able to offer an example of "beautiful politics", joining forces with those of most groups. "I am very proud, in committee, to have been able to collect amendments from all political groups except for hikers who have distinguished themselves from this fight and I am very proud to have been able to defend the proposal in the Hemicycle with the same anger that could have François Ruffin, "he asked.

In the chapter of deputies of the Republic on the move, he agreed with his colleague: "I saw Members of the Republic walking unconscious, contemptuous of these 80,000 people accompanying children with disabilities. …) It was incredible to see this coldness, this sectarianism" . Aurélien Pradié has come to the point of denouncing the "laziness" of the deputies of the Republic on the move "considering itself first the government spokesman".

On the subject of supervising students with disabilities at school, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer stated that the executive had already committed on his "road"and that a consultation was coming.


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