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Rugby: France is still ahead of South Africa (23-19)


Passa. More than an early point for the French! 23-22.

The French has established a high contrast with Iturria. Pollard can bring his people back to a point.

The French have enshrined in their 22 meters! South African melee to follow.

South African melee at the center line. Always four points ahead for the French and just over twenty minutes to play in this match.

Pay attention to word games

Pollard returns his team to four points after a new penalty Pollard, still perfect on the foot. 23-19 for France!

The video essay by Bastareaud:

Do you have a German version of "Dance with the Stars"?

5/6 *. Always 23-16 for France.

Mini-break opportunities for the French with a penalty that will prove Serin. The French semi-mêlée is 5/5 per hour.

A dissatisfied spectator.

Pollard finds the post but it goes anyway. 23-16 after 44 minutes of play!

At the time of the dismissal, the French deal badly with the reception, Nkosi sees a ball that hangs on itself and goes to trial.


(Here we return to good habits)

Serin does not tremble and turns the test 23-9, 14 points ahead for France!


After a long candle from Lopez, Bastareaud negotiates the rebound better than the South Africans and, while in power, will flatten the ball on the line. I'm 21-9 for France!

And we leave for 40 minutes

On the field, at the Stade de France,
I feel sensations

A little "fire the fire" half-time at the Stade de France. We heat up as much as we can.

Bernard Laporte has just made a request to Word Rugby.

Invisible. This is not how the Gold Ball will win.

It does not look like much, but while the South Africans were trying against, Penaud released the ball in contact as a player. END OF THIS FIRST PERIOD! France leads from 16 to 9.

We do not really know what they are doing, but they have not put the ball in touch.

We have just spent 40 minutes. French melee 40 meters from the line. What will the Blues do?

very Klerk clear forgiveness.

We are happy for captain Guirado, holder of France's record of post-defeat interviews with the Blues and Toulon in 2018.

Serin transformations. They are 16-9 for the Blues!

On a ruck, the French captain grabbed the ball and made the 5 meters that separated him from the line despite the South African tackle. 14-9 for France!

The French wing makes a splendid number in the middle of the South African defense, but prefers to try to eliminate the last defender alone while he has the support of both sides. The forced Roux plays well and causes him to lose the ball. The first test of the match has extended the arms to the French!



Great touch to follow after a Lopez kick. Under the pressure of Thomas, Dyantyi grants a touch five meters from his door to the goal.

For now, the Blues are not far from the Bok but do not materialize in their highlights. We have already seen this film.

The French push! They are up to 22 meters South Africa but the opposing defense holds well.

3/3 for him for now.

And 1/1 for you.


New penalty for Pollard up to 40 meters, to the right of the poles.

EXCEPTIONAL MEDAL RATE WHICH COMPLETELY MAKES A RECEPTION. No damage when a teammate passed and was able to recover the ball.

Small problem flocking jerseys South African side. We do not see the number of some at all. cc @ selectionsuisse

Meanwhile, the French women's team leads 1 to 0 against Brazil, thanks to a goal by Cascarino.

AND EQUALIZATION OF THE POLLARDO on a penalty. 6-6 between the two teams after 21 minutes.

While it would be enough to play them in Colombes.

Hello, humorous police. Let's pass this time, but be careful next time.

The last victory of Blues against the Boks dates back to 2009 in the beautiful city of Toulouse. At the time, Fabien Barcella was considered the best left pillar in the world. Finally for a week.

South African melee in midfield after Doumayrou is ahead.


The French five meters from the line

French worn ball in 22 South Africans!

The French have the ball in the South African field. The South Africans scratch the ball to the ground and try to start by hand before De Klerk throws a long kick in the beginning. French ball in midfield.

Malcom Marx, the prostitute from South Africa, will receive the keys from the PCF municipality in Saint-Denis on Sunday morning.

CA PASSO! 6-3 for France after 12 minutes of play.

And it is the turn of France to be penalized for a bad challenge on the ground. Pollard will try to bring his people back to three points.


New French sanction. Again for Serin, but this time left to more than 40 meters.

For several years, the posterior position poses a problem in the team of France. From the acceleration to Dulin and Nans Ducuing, no one managed to win. The ghost Maxime Médard – very good with Toulouse at the moment – has a good shot on this autumn tour.

New French breakthrough after a recovery in their field. Penaud wins for only 30 meters, resisting two tackles. But the South African defense is returning well. France has the ball 40 meters from the opponent's test line.

O-D-I-L? What is this secret message?


First penalty for Serin 30 meters a little to the right.

MEDARD'S PAUSE! In midfield, the French back receives a candle and pierces the South African defense before finding Thomas a little further. In the process, Lopez tries to find his wing from the other side, but finds only the touch five meters from the line. Start Springbok to follow.

And the first ball won by the French thanks to Bastareaud! The Springboks are in default and the French will be able to disengage.

Ball in South African hands in the French 22nd. We played for just two minutes.

Here is the game plan for tonight.

The prognosis of liberators:

Adrien Pécout: 13 – 13

Alexandre Pedro: 12 – 20

Gregor Brandy: 13 – 22

We just met Christophe Dominici, unfortunately he was heading for the press gallery and not on the lawn.

The cat does not drink But it's like everyone else: he prefers to sleep rather than watch the games of the XV of France. So, inevitably, when you have to give a prognosis …

For those who would not know this time, when France played rugby (there are many)

The cat has never been too rugby. He did not understand the tack / tacky rule

Start of the game at 21:00 in Nice.

Dance competition with the stars, no doubt.

The poor presence at the Stade de France has at least one advantage: the wifi works very well tonight. The first Laporte effect.

And even the cat believes it. He has just announced a 32-15 victory for the French.







The last six games between South Africans and French.

In the Word Rugby ranking, France occupies an excellent 8th place out of 10 teams before this fall tour.

1 New Zeland 92.96
2 Ireland 90.12
3 Wales 86.35
4 England 86.16
5 South Africa 83.03
6 Australia 82.86
7 Scotland 82.61
8 France 79.10
9 argentine 78.01
10 fiji 76.54

To relive this famous stack or face, it's here:

Is it more complicated to love Téfécé or the XV of France? You have four hours.

We have, but we are afraid of creating a monster.

The arrival of the players on the lawn in a rather empty stadium for the moment:

Small karma point live from Toulouse, where Alexis Blin has just scored for Amiens (0-1).

Other games in progress:

Nîmes 0 – 0 Nice

Angers 0 – 0 Montpellier

Saint-Etienne 1 – 0 Reims

Good evening. Here the press room of the Stade de France where one of our special envoys enjoys a sandwich triangle. Same level gastronomy, French rugby is not at the level right now.

Does it depend Believe in miracles?

No, live failed and boring

It's only 45 minutes before the start of the meeting, which is enough time to read this other article by our trusted boyfriend Adrien Pécout:

It's over between Wales and Australia. Win Welsh 9-6 (three penalties to two).

I'm waiting for the confirmation of Alexandre Pedro, en route to the stadium now, but it is very likely, indeed.

But you never know. The match between England and New Zealand was very nice to follow despite the rain falling on Twickenham throughout the game. (But it is true that having players from England or New Zealand helps a lot in this case).


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