Rugby league academy player 'sat up in bed' in hospital after he is left with a bleed on his brain

Talented rugby league academy player Joe Sharratt is 'progressing well' in the hospital after bouncers were sacked for savagely attacking him and a friend outside at nightclub in Manchester.

St Helens provided by the young star.

The club said: "We were pleased to see him in the neurology ward at Salford Royal today and they were pleased to find him in bed and recovering well.

Mr. Sharratt dropping to the floor after being punched. The bouncers then surround the other man before dragging him around in the Sunday 3.20am bust-up in Manchester

'Joe will remain in hospital for the next couple of days but the prognosis is good and he is progressing well.

The player, his family and the club have been overwhelmed by well-wishers and messages from the rugby league community.

We have been loved by all the areas of the game and we would like to thank everyone.

He was left with his wife after the bouncers' savage attack on him and a friend outside at nightclub in Manchester.

Sharratt, an 18-year-old, has been recovering in hospital ever since. His mother, Jane, had also told the BBC her son was now 'sitting up and talking'.

Manchester to Factory Records, which is now a nightclub and live music venue in the city center.

Mr Sharratt is seen to be thrown to the ground before his staff, punch his friend, Leon Cooper, as he tries to reach him.

The pharmacy student at Manchester University said he and Mr. Sharratt were escorted out of the club following a 'pushing' incident inside.

He exchanged swearwords with one of the bouncers before another attacked his friend before turning on him.

Man in the face and head

I was just trying to get my mate, he said.

"Manchester," have been condemned to the distressing scenes, at 3.20am on Sunday, and say they will not tolerate such behavior.

Mr Sharratt had a night out after playing for Lancashire Schoolboys against Australia schoolboys in Manchester on Saturday.

Chief Inspector Cherie Buttle, of the Greater Manchester Police, said: 'We are aware of the fact that they are being circulated on social media.

St Helens said Mr. Sharratt had taken his A Levels in the summer. He deferred at the club during the current season.

A team spokesman added that the teenager was in contention for representing England team this coming weekend.

The man then falls to the knees and is punched repeatedly

In a statement, the club said: "Joe is of impeccable character and is an outstanding member of our Academy system. He represented Lancashire Schoolboys against Australian Schoolboys with distinction on Saturday and was hoping to represent England next weekend.

His he is a top academic with a very bright future ahead of him alongside his rugby league prowess.

'Our welfare team are now in contact with Joe's family and we will offer any assistance we can at this time. Understandably, our thoughts are now with Joe and his family. '

The nightclub's bouncers were condemned as 'animals' by people sharing footage of the attack on social media.

Mark Bray wrote: 'Totally uncalled for. Bouncers thinking they have the right to beat someone up. They do not want to be too much of a person.

Night time economy adviser for the Greater Manchester Sacha Lord hits out at the bouncers in a tweet in which he shared the video

People went on Twitter to express their disgust about the incident

In a statement, Factory Manchester said: "We have launched a full investigation into this distressing incident and will be working with the police.

'Factory is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all customers and we will not tolerate this sort of behavior from anyone directly or indirectly employed by us, whatever the circumstances.

The outcome of any police investigation

'You have seen the CCTV footage and the video circulating on social media, we can only say that we are shocked by what we have seen.'

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