Ruiz Muñoz and that portrait of Curro: "The work in Seville has opened the doors of confirmation for me in Madrid"

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The summer bullfights begin this Sunday with an attractive lineup of young people (none reach 30 years of age) with a disparate background. Jose Garrido and Alvaro Lorenzo wounded in San Isidro. His youthful youth will confirm the surprise of the April Fair, Ruiz Muñoz. The Cádiz-born matador, great-nephew of rosemary workdrew a personal work of fainting stroke to a noble pupil of Fermín Bohórquez.

He made those laurels green again with his grace from his promising start as a novillero -with the summit of the Santander slaughter- to now position himself again in the upper echelon. He knocked on the door of Madrid where he arrives to stock bulls from Las Ramblas (which replace those from Los Bayones due to a health problem) and three from El Vellosino.

“It is a long-awaited date for me. An opportunity that I am looking forward to. My hope is that people can see what I feel in front of the bull. I try to do what I feel. Madrid is in the minds of all bullfighters when we train, when we psyched ourselves up. It is the best showcase to develop the bullfighting that one carries inside”, says Ruiz Muñoz with fragility although convinced.

The toast to Curro, the emotion of the ovation of the Maestranza to the Pharaoh, indelible sparks of the task and the return to the ring after the presidential insensitivity. Seville. “The afternoon was very important because it gave me the opportunity to continue walking in the profession. It confirmed me in the bullfighting that I am looking for, it has helped me to evolve and It has been a source of illusion to continue believing. That afternoon has opened the doors to the confirmation that arrives this Sunday”.

He will braid the paseíllo with bullfighters with whom he shared bullfights a handful of seasons ago. Each one has matured in a way. Each one has had a different tempo. Ruiz Muñoz took the alternative in 2021, in Requena (Valencia), with Manzanares and Roca Rey. This is how he talks about his fellow cartels who will cover him in the confirmation: “I have coincided quite a lot with them, especially in the time when we were bullfighters with picadors. That a day like this, so important and at the same time so beautiful for me, I can fight With two bullfighters of such merit, it is a privilege for me”.

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