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… Do they earn that bad already?

No. But our collective incompetence perpetuates this. Apple uses their monopoly to make money and uses or avoids technical solutions for more profit.

Apple charges a lot of commission for the app store, demands their own payment system in apps (which is a sober abuse of a monopoly position), uses technology to prevent repairs by third parties (also monopoly position), charges exorbitant amounts for certain upgrades/extensions, offers no 3.5mm stereo connection, no possibility to expand storage by means of a (micro) SD (but ask a factor of 5-10 more for extra internal storage.

And over the years it worsens, as they make tens of billions in profit, year after year.

And even after years of criticism, there are years of trying to justify. Fine, but then we will remain collectively incompetent. I refuse to participate in objectionable revenue models, by choosing products such as Sailfish and trying to protect my own data instead of throwing it away. “social” media doesn’t exist now, as far as I know, so I can’t be found there. As far as I’m concerned, sharing something personally can be done in other digital ways or even better: analog.

We’re way too sweet for the big boys. Despite all the despicable business practices, billions are still being made. As long as we remain gullible enough, this will continue. The corporations have too much power, legally and politically (that’s why corporations shouldn’t be allowed to lobby). As far as I’m concerned, we as consumers take action by being more critical. Even if it means the bankruptcy of one of the big boys.

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But unfortunately we are not impressed and every few days/weeks we keep on venting our bile under the following article, of which deed. And yet I hope one day we will change our own behavior. It’s not a matter of if it’s necessary, but when.

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