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Last night at the PlayStation Showcase, we had plenty of announcements coming to PC and consoles over the next few years, such as Metal Gear Solid Delta, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Marathon. But when the world’s attention was all While focusing on video games, some companies have taken the opportunity to leave some clear messages, such as Xbox reminding that many games will also be available on their consoles or in more cryptic (and humorous) ways on the Gearbox.

The official Borderlands Twitter account posted a message with an animated gif of the Lilith character that read:

“Hope you’re ready, killer.”

Logically, this sparked a storm of anticipation that Gearbox might announce a new Borderlands, especially after Tales of the Borderlands was rather lackluster. It’s too early to get carried away, but who wouldn’t want to see Borderlands 4?

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2023-05-25 11:20:30

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