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What strikes me: I have both the Oculus Rift (CV1) and the Quest. When I look at the controllers of this new one, it’s a combination of the two. It has the positioning of the buttons of the CV1 (in a round flat surface) with the piece of “matte” plastic to rest your thumb on. The Quest’s controller has the buttons in a drop-shaped shape, not round.

However, the ring with the IR LEDs is the other way around (upwards) like the Quest, not like the CV1 (downwards). Hence a combination of both.

Incidentally, I find this an advantage: I find the CV1 controllers more pleasant. Especially if you have to press the joystick of the Quest, that is not a pleasant movement because it is just too far away for it. Funny that they went back exactly to the old layout.

The headband looks less comfortable than that of the Quest and Rift CV1 by the way. They both have a kind of triangle on the back of your head that spreads the pressure all over your head. Here it is a simple cross. Perhaps it is no longer so necessary if the Quest 2 has indeed become a lot lighter as the rumors say.

I just hope that Oculus will continue to make spare parts (think: controllers, for example) for the old Quest, with the CV1 they almost immediately stopped when the Rift S came out Many people are now with broken cables and can no longer use them.

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