Rumor: Next Battlefield game will be ‘some kind of hero shooter’

Electronic Arts has big plans for the future of Battlefield, as it turned out this week. Although Battlefield 2042 is only a few weeks out, it recently became clear that EA is planning to create a ‘Battlefield universe’. What we can expect from this is not entirely clear yet, but there is already a first rumor about the next Battlefield game.

Insider Tom Henderson has reported on Twitter that the next Battlefield should be “some kind of hero shooter”. According to Henderson, Battlefield 2042 serves as a kind of stepping stone to a hero shooter. The most recent part introduced Specialists and this feature will be expanded further in the next game, according to Henderson, resulting in a hero shooter. Hero shooters are quite popular these days, with Overwatch and Apex Legends as examples of successful games.

Henderson – who has leaked a lot of information about Battlefield in recent months and has therefore turned out to be a fairly reliable source – emphasizes that it is really a rumor and that it should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it doesn’t seem inconceivable, given the direction DICE has taken with the Battlefield 2042 Specialists. Whether the Battlefield community is waiting for a hero shooter is probably a completely different story.

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