Rumored iPhone 14 changes to periscope camera, 3nm chip and screen hole punch

Take you to update interesting information about the rumors of the iPhone 14 or iPhone 2022 that will come next year. Major changes are expected. while waiting for the launch iPhone 13 On the 14th of September

According to reports from AppleInsider Apple has entered into a contract with TSMC to produce its first 3nm processors, including the M-series chips used in Apple Silicon and A-series devices. Expected to see in the iPhone 14 itself.

A source involved in the manufacturing process claims that the trials for the 3-nanometer chip went smoothly. And the company can produce 600,000 units per year or 50,000 units per month and will start production for actual use next year.

Information about camera upgrades 9to5mac Reports that Apple is developing a periscope lens in the iPhone that will be released in the future. which can be optically zoomed up to 10 times and does not make the device thicker

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo commented: This talking zoom camera It could be seen in 2022, or the iPhone 14 as the name is now rumored to be, with Kuo believes that the company that manufactures lenses for Apple is Semco and Sunny Optic, which are the best lens suppliers from South Korea and China.

Digitimes The data reports in the same direction that the periscope lens has definitely seen each other. But that maker could be Samsung, the South Korean giant. Which is the lens in the manner that we have seen the first Galaxy S20 Ultra model.

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Finally, a change in the screen notch for installing the new iPhone’s front-facing camera. according to reportsWill change from a notch to a punch-hole screen like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone instead

Kuo revealed that the punch hole screen will be used on at least the 2022 iPhone Pro, and if the yield is good, it could be on all models. But switching to a punch-hole display, Kuo hasn’t given any further information on how to handle Face ID.

Previously, there were rumors that Apple was planning on bringing Touch ID under-display on some future iPhones, while ZTE recently introduced a 3D facial recognition under display, so perhaps Apple will explore a solution that similar

It can be said that this is a very interesting news for the iPhone 14 next year. If there is only one change, as the rumors above, it is quite big. however All this information cannot be confirmed to be true or not. Wait to follow and update information at the same time until the next official launch.

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