Rumors about the replacement: a little support for May


Will it have to start so that Brexit can come? Government members intend to overthrow Prime Minister May, according to media reports. But several conservatives reject the rumors.

By Thomas Spickhofen, ARD Studio London

Several members of the Cabinet have invited Theresa May to resign, reports the BBC. This is the only way they could bring their agreement through the House of Commons, cites the station's high-level conservatories, but not mentioned.

The Sunday Times, citing eleven members of the government, writes that the government is preparing to replace May. Mays deputy David Lidington is ready for the succession.

Should agree with the EU an extension of the deadline, find a consensus for the Brexit course and make room for a new leadership in the fall of the conservatives and the government.

However, he states that he has no interest in his boss's office. He doesn't think he wants to take his place, he told reporters.

Replacement in a few days?

The "Mail on Sunday" states that May can be replaced within a few days. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Agriculture Minister Michael Gove were also available as possible successors, writes the newspaper.

Gove, along with former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, led the Brexit campaign in 2016.

Several conservatives reject the rumors

Meanwhile, other leading conservatives have rejected the rumors. Finance Minister Philip Hammond said he does not expect May to overthrow. A Prime Minister exchange would not help, but it is a simple self-employment, said Hammond.

The former conservative leader, Ian Duncan Smith, who represents a tough Brexit line and is one of the most alive critics of May, said that a change of leadership would not alter the withdrawal agreement.

The offer in two phases of the EU, with a soft exit on May 22 or another decision until April 12, has defined the greatest humiliation of a prime minister who could remember. May had made a clear proposal for an extension until June 30 and returned with something completely different, he said.

Meanwhile, it was announced that a crisis meeting between May and supporters of the Brexit Conservative Party took place this afternoon.

Tories crisis session

In view of the potentially decisive Brexit week, Prime Minister Theresa May discussed this with colleagues in a crisis meeting. She met with "her colleague" on Checker's country estate, a government spokeswoman said.
According to reports from the British media, there were former foreign ministers Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Both are considered Brexit extremists.
Tom wants to call his cabinet tomorrow. According to the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday, several ministers want May to call for resignation at this meeting. Possible successors are Vice President David Lidington and Environment Minister Michael Gove.

Struck May

May has long been considered politically ill. She was particularly disappointed this week with a speech to the nation blaming the deputies in the House of Commons for chaos in the Brexit process.

Originally, the government planned to maintain its agreement with the European Union for the third time in the House of Commons next week.

However, May wants to bring a new presentation only on the road, if sufficient support for the agreement is emerging in the lower house. This is not the case so far.

Protest against Brexit

Yesterday, a huge crowd was demonstrating in central London for a second referendum. The organizers talked about a million participants.

The protesters demanded that any agreement with the European Union be presented again in a referendum or that the Brexit process be stopped altogether.

An online petition calling for the withdrawal of the resignation request now has about five million supporters on the UK Parliament's website.

Deutschlandfunk reported on this subject on March 24, 2019 at 07:00.



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