“Running Man” “What’s good to play?” 》2 Korea’s first cooperation hilarious index broke the table

Zhongtian Comprehensive Channel’s strong Korean variety “Running Man” will be broadcast this Sunday (26th), which is an invitation to the well-known Korean variety show “What’s the best way to play?” “The limited bel canto group MSG Wannabe MOM, including Ji Xichen, Jiang Changmo, Wonstein and Park Jae-jeong, etc., came to RM for the “Competition as I Want”. The two variety shows cooperated for the first time and attracted the attention of the audience. The theme of the program is a personal competition with Ji Xichen as the main axis, which makes Liu Zaixin suffer a big loss. “Isn’t the ratings very low for each special episode of Ji Xichen?” This sentence made Ji Xichen quite annoyed.

Before performing the task, Chi Xichen can choose his own team members, and the other members have to predict his choice. Liu Zaixi, known as the manipulator of Chi Xichen, made a rhetoric and analyzed his selection method. Unexpectedly, two results came out. The people are really the same, but Yoo Jae Suk laughed and said, “If he has bad ideas on Brother Long Wan and Brother Xi Chen, he can really make them live on the streets.” After that, everyone laughed.

In the show, there was a big pillow fight, and the rules of the game added that you must keep a smile all the way. In the first round, Chi Xichen faced HAHA, which was called the weakest combination. Soon after the game started, both of them couldn’t bear it. Xichen even answered the name of his own radio program wrong, and he didn’t know the correct name until the game announced the answer, which surprised the audience! In addition, I also asked members to write the date of birth of Chi Xichen. He is usually very concerned about birthdays. After seeing the answers written by everyone, he couldn’t help laughing and crying. Sun) “Running Man” at 6 p.m.

“Running Man” Ji Seok-jin’s birthday member’s answer made him dumbfounded. (Provided by Zhongtian Comprehensive Station)

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