Russia accuses Ukraine of playing a role "clave" at the anti-Israeli protests at the Dagestan airport

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Russia on Monday accused Ukraine of playing a “key” role in the assault on an airport in the Muslim-majority Russian republic of Dagestan by protesters who allegedly They were looking for Israeli passengers.

A crowd invaded the runway and terminal of an airport in the capital on Sunday night. Majachkaláamid the tensions caused in the world by the deadly Israeli bombings against the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the bloody attack by Hamas in southern Israel on October 7.

The clashes were “the result of a provocation planned and directed from the outside“in which kyiv played a “key and direct” role, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Declared in a statement on Monday, Maria Zakharova.

Russia launched an offensive in Ukraine in February 2022. Presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskovhad previously indicated that the events were “largely the result of external interference”, without specifying the origin.

The spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacy, Oleg Nikolenkodenounced this Monday an “attempt to assign responsibility” to his country.

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