Russia and Iran in the last "continents of the beach" today


Russia and Iran meet in the final of the Confederations Cup for beach soccer on the beach of Kit Beach in the Umm Suqeim area this evening, while the Egyptian team aims for third place against Brazil and meets our national Tahitian in seventh place and plays Spain and America in fifth place.

The qualifying championships 2011, 2012 and 2015 will be the final of the Confederations Cup for the sixth time in their history, against the record 3 times.

The two teams met once in the final of the Confederations Cup Beach Soccer in the 2013 version when they won the Iranian 4-3 team.

The Russian bear reached the final with a 3-1 home win on the Brazilian side on Saturday night.

The Brazilian was late last minute (4-2) before Rodrigo da Costa managed to reduce the gap and Luis Massimento grabbed the draw 10 seconds later, and the two teams spent extra time and then the penalty shootout.

In the first semi-finals, the Iranian team booked the transit card by beating Egypt 3-1.


On the other hand, the next edition of the tournament will see the first video video arbitrage experience (the mouse) for the first time in the history of the game in preparation for the official adoption starting in 2020.

The FIFA CEO Juan Cusco said that five international referees were assigned to a separate room to track the matches through several cameras installed in the field from different angles to delineate and identify the controversial refereeing mistakes to focus on when he was applied the mouse technique. .

Cusco praised the development of the technical level in the beach soccer championships: "The technical level was good despite the decline in performance of some teams as the Spanish team surprised me, where I expected to provide the best, especially after the impressive results at European level, as well as the UAE team, which seemed to be influenced by the lack of a local league and a Tahitian team, which has returned behind the past.

"The match between Russia and Iran in the final phase of the group stage has recorded a relationship of two million spectators," said Juan Cusco, executive director of the FIFA Beach Soccer Committee. The expected statistics confirm that the current tournament will increase the number of fans after the league compared to In recent years due to the timing of its establishment and the place chosen for its establishment.


The Russian team opened the scoring of Makarov in the first half and Boris Artur scored the second and third goals in the second half and returned to Artur to score in the third time, reducing the team. Brazil scored the difference of Bruno Dasilva and the player scored the second goal before Rodrigo Dacosta reduced the difference and then snatched the draw from Luis Massimento.

In the match of the centers, our national lost against their American counterpart 5-3 and scored the goals of our team Ahmed Bishr, Ali Karim and Ali Mohammed, beating Spain on Tahiti 9-1 in a match arrived to benefit the best player of the tournament and got a deserved victory for weak performances Much for the Tahiti team and the summer version of 2015.


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