Russia begins recruiting women as soldiers and drone operators

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A private military company subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Defense has begun recruiting women as fighters for Ukraine, according to the Bazhnie Istorii media portal.

“My mission as commander is to show that women are not only good for making soups and children,” said Vesta, one of the women in the recruiting service of the Borz volunteer battalion.

The advertisement posted on the social network Vkontakte -the Russian Facebook- offers a six-month contract with a salary of 220,000 rubles (about $2,300). “At first there were no women, only men. Now we decided to try and create a female detachment of snipers and another of drones, since women can do it too,” adds Vesta, whose battalion is part of the private company Redut.

If the female combatant is wounded, she will receive between one and three million rubles ($10,000-$30,000), while in the event of death, his relatives will receive five million ($50,000).

Those interested, who will be considered war veterans at the end of the contract, must be familiar with the use of firearms, but, in any case, they will receive training for one month in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Two women, one a sniper and the other a medic, publicly admitted to being part of Borz, a battalion commanded by Dmitri Zipir, born in Ukraine.

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