Russia calls up for the first time in annexed Ukrainian regions

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Russia announced this Friday the second call-up of 2023, which will include for the first time the Ukrainian regions of Jerson, Zaporiyia, Donetsk and Luganskannexed a year ago, while Ukraine moves towards the creation of weapons factories on its territory with Western support.

Rear Admiral Vladimir Tsimlyansky, the head of Organization and Mobilization of the Russian General Staff, reported this Friday that the new call-up in 2023 will begin on October 1 and will cover all regions of the country, “including new ones”in reference to the annexed regions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed today the decree that affects 130,000 Russians between 18 and 27 years old.

Tsimlyanski sought to allay fears that the recruits could be sent to the battlefield, saying they will not serve. “in the new regions”.

In addition, he tried to dispel any concerns regarding a new mobilization in Russia, such as the one decreed in September of last year, by pointing out that the number of those interested in signing contracts with the Armed Forces and volunteers, “is enough to accomplish the tasks entrusted” in Ukraine.

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