Russia: Cousin of Russian Deputy Minister of Defense, elite soldier, killed in Ukraine

“Sad news came from our corps of officers from the Republic of Ingushetia on the night of May 20-21. An officer, Commander of the Airborne Company, Captain Adam Erachovich Chamchoyev, has been killed in Ukraine, according to The Magus Times in Ingushetia.

“In the Airborne Forces, Adam’s name was well known, he was known as an excellent officer and a competent commander. It was the property of Ingush officers, “the article goes on.

Another Ingush publication, Fortango, reports that Chamchoyev was the nephew of Russia’s deputy defense minister, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. The source, like The Magas Times, confirmed that Khamamoyev was killed in Ukraine from Friday to Saturday night.

Ukraine’s armed forces say they have killed at least 28,850 Russian troops since the start of the war.

Ukrainian troops also destroyed 204 aircraft, 169 helicopters, 1278 tanks, 3116 armored vehicles, 596 artillery cannons, 201 missile systems, 13 ships, 2178 aircraft, 76 fuel tanks, 463 unmanned aerial vehicles, 93 anti-missile defense systems, 4 short-range ballistic missile systems and 43 pieces of special equipment.

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