Russia divides its efforts between the east and the south to try to stop the Ukrainian advance

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Russia divides its efforts between Donetsk and Járkov, scenes of bloody fighting in eastern Ukraine, and Khersonin the south, where Ukrainian incursions on the left bank of the Dnieper River forced the Russians to change the head of the forces on this front to stop the Ukrainian advance.

The situation in eastern Ukraine continues to be tense: as reported in its daily war report by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, Russia attempted to regain ground in the in front of Bajmut, in the eastern Donetsk region, where Ukrainian defenders repelled three attacks.

The American Institute of War Studies (ISW) confirmed, based on geolocated images, advances by the Ukrainian Army northwest of the town of Kurdiumivka, located about 10 kilometers south of Bakhmut.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, for its part, remained silent on the matter and limited itself to reporting intense attacks by its artillery in towns south of Bakhmut, which would have caused nearly 170 casualties to enemy forces.

It is just as tense the situation in Avdiivkawhich Russia has been trying to surround for three weeks and into which it launches infantry groups “without support from artillery fire”, according to the ISW.

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