Russia does not need an embassy in Bulgaria

Outside of emotions, if you think about it, Russia does not need an embassy in Bulgaria. Norway doesn’t have an embassy, ​​Canada doesn’t. And in the future we will probably import more energy resources from Norway. Canada’s economy is bigger than Russia’s. And there are more Bulgarians living in Canada than in Russia. Our exports to Russia are insignificant.

Apart from the UN, UNESCO and a few others, we are not members of the same organizations as Russia. Nobody is moving from Bulgaria to Russia. The flow of Russians to Bulgaria also dried up. Our only more meaningful economic connections were gas and oil that we used to buy from there, but they cut off the gas (not us). Oil will also decrease, and this trade does not need an embassy. Russia will be under sanctions for many, many years even if it withdraws from Ukraine, so our trade and political ties will be minimal and mainly bundled with the EU.

A large part of foreign policy today does not really need embassies. There are phones, email, Telegram, Vkontakte, Zoom. If the Russians close the embassy, ​​it will also be a reasonable business move on their part, they will save some leva. In fact, Norway did exactly that – when the crisis hit in 2008, they cut costs and closed the embassy here, they have one in Romania that also covers Bulgaria. And if they decide to poison someone or blow up a factory, they will always find a way. In other words, there is no drama, the Russians will still be on fire.

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