Russia does not pay its soldiers for the fight in Ukraine? SBU: When they die, the clerks keep money | World news

The SBU says it has many intercepted phone calls in which the Russian occupiers complain that they are not getting the funds they have been promised. In one of them Russian tells his wife that he does not believe the command’s promises to account for the service in the first two months war in Ukraine.

Regiment Azov on the surrender in Mariupol: There was an order to cease resistance

The first salary was to be paid in markand another to April 20. – I do not believe it, because even the prosecutor’s office in our brigade in Budyonnovsk is working for this money. They don’t really pay people at all, she emphasizes. According to the information from the Ukrainian services, it is not clear when this conversation took place.

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Catastrophic explosion of a Russian tank hit by a Ukrainian Stugna anti-tank missile

The war in Ukraine. SBU: In the event of a soldier’s death, Russian officials take over his salary

SBU points to the willingness of Russian officials to benefit from the non-payment of wages as the reason for such “savings”. “After all, in the event of the death of the occupiers, their money can be kept” – they write ironically in new the message.

“In this situation, the occupiers increasingly ask: ‘What’s going on? Who are we fighting for?’. For no one! God only knows where we are,” they add.

Russian military vehicle in eastern UkraineOne of the best Russian snipers died in Ukraine

Ukraine’s General Staff: Almost 29,000 have died since the beginning of the war Russian soldiers

The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces announced on Saturday that it was from the beginning war w Ukraine 28,850 Russians were killed soldiers. The Russians also lost 1,278 tanks, 3,116 armored combat vehicles, 596 artillery systems, 93 anti-aircraft defense systems, 201 rocket launchers, 204 planes, 169 helicopters, 462 drones, 104 rockets and 13 boats.

It added that the last day the Russians suffered the greatest losses near the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine.

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