World Russia gives money to the afghans to kill foreign...

Russia gives money to the afghans to kill foreign troops

Pportugal has a total of 154 military personnel deployed to ensure the safety and security of the airport Kabula number that could rise in the country as a whole up to 187 this year, and depending on the missions assigned to them.

According to the journal, the newnew yorkthe ‘intelligence’ of the The U.S. come that conclusion there has been a few months, and a report from the White House, which so far have not had any of the the reaction.

Based on people acquainted with the matter, the newspaper said that it is likely that some of the militant or criminal elements linked to them have failed to receive payments on the Russian.

In total, by the year 2020, were shot and killed 20 americans in the fighting in Afghanistan, but it is not clear as to whether there is anything to do with the situation.

The Russian Government has assured, in the meantime, the The NYT it is unaware of any prosecution of that kind, but that you will respond to, if it were to be made.

The sources consulted by the The NYT they have also said that the information provided by the The U.S. have these allegations of the rewards that are offered by the russians; it was a closely-guarded secret until now, but this week it has been communicated to several members of the u.s. Government, and is shared with the Government despite theânico, whose forces are among those who were referred to as the goal.

In the document, the north-american-based on the interrogations of the afghan freedom fighters and the criminals caught, and don’t run in a lot of detail about the workings of the alleged rewards to the Russian.

The americans believe that the transaction is the creation of a unit of information services, Russian military, which has been associated with, for example, in the case of a former spy of the Russian Sergei Skripal, but in the United Kingdom.

This unit, which has been operating for more than a decade ago, it has the function of providing the way in the western world, according to the analysts of the States.

The The U.S. and in russia in order to maintain the positions of the skirmish on a variety of subjects, which they reached in the shock front, as the conflict in Syria, but the us President, Donald Trump, has been in a political relationship to Moscow than his predecessors.

The The U.S. and the taliban sign in February a peace agreement that provides for the withdrawal of the military coalition led by the americans in just 14 months, after almost two decades of war, but it is still pending in the negotiations between the the taliban and the Government of the Kabul.

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