Russia handed over a new batch of armored personnel carriers to Belarus

This is the third BTR-82A battalion set in Belarus.

To Belarus On January 5, another batch of new BTR-82A arrived. In addition to the BTR-82A, the BTR-80K (commander version of the BTR-80, with the preservation of weapons and additional communication and headquarters equipment), armored medical (BMM) and repair and recovery vehicles (BREM-K) based on the BTR-80 arrived from the Russian Federation.

According to the monitoring group “Belarusian Gayun” in Telegram, an echelon with 34 pieces of equipment (which corresponds to a battalion set) was heading towards Brest on the afternoon of January 5. This suggests that the new BTR-82A will go into service with the 38th air assault brigade.

“It is worth noting that the BTR-70MB1 (Belarusian modernization of the BTR-70) entered service with one of the battalions of the 38th Specialized Brigade only in 2019. The BTR-80 is also operated in the brigade. Later, the information about the transfer of equipment was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus: BTR-82A should to replace BTR-80 in 38 odshbr,” the statement said.


Strengthening the grouping of troops in Belarus: details

The Russian Federation and Belarus regularly conduct joint military exercises. And for more than a year, Russian troops have been continuously stationed on Belarusian territory. As of December 28, 2022 in Belarus stayed more than 10 thousand Russian soldiers. At the same time, Belarus began transfer the army to “wartime” within the framework of the country’s plan for sudden checks of combat readiness. Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a joint tactical flight exercises with Russia.

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December 24, 2022 at the State Border Service of Ukraine emphasizedthat the situation on the border with Belarus is now under control. Ukrainian defenders do not record the movement of equipment or troops on the other side.

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