Russia has already spent almost two trillion on the war, a quarter of the annual budget

At the same time, Moscow’s income from the sale of raw materials is falling due to sanctions, and the war is becoming more expensive for the Kremlin, writes Forbes. According to his calculations, Russia’s war expenditures doubled this fall.

The fights cost Moscow at least ten billion dollars (234 billion crowns) a month. Expenditure has increased due to the number of soldiers who have newly joined the fighting in Ukraine after the announced mobilization.

According to Forbes, the largest item in the budget of the Russian army, which makes up about a third of expenses, is the technology itself.

Missiles are the most expensive, followed by weapons, ammunition or fuel. Russia has fired more than 4,000 missiles at Ukraine, and the average price of one Russian missile is three million dollars, according to the server.

Other important items of Russian expenses are soldiers’ salaries and then also compensation paid to the survivors of dead soldiers and for those wounded in battles.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a record number of Russian soldiers, 17,470, died in the fighting between October 24 and November 24.

This is even more than in the first month of the war. According to the Ukrainians, total Russian losses are over 85,000 men. Moscow admits only significantly lower losses.

Meet our demands and the suffering of the residents will end, says Moscow


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