Russia has to compensate opponents

Demonstration in Moscow

Time and again, people are protesting against politics in Russia.

(Photo: AP)

Strasbourg / Moscow The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has condemned Russia to compensation payments to two Russian opposition forces. Russia has to pay around 11,000 euros to Leonid Rasvosschajew, the court said on Tuesday in Strasbourg. The second complainant, Sergej Udalzow, awarded the ECHR compensation of EUR 9000. Both men were accused in Russia of causing a riot in Moscow in 2012 with a demonstration.

Rasvosschajew also saw his right to protection injured because he claims to have been abducted in Ukraine and brought back to Russia. Evidence does not exist, the ECtHR ruled. However, both countries had made insufficient investigations into the allegations. Therefore, in addition to Russia and the Ukraine would have to pay 4000 euros compensation.

The court recognized that there had been no fair trial in Russia against Udaltsov and Rasvozhayev for allegedly organizing mass riots in Moscow's Bolotnaya Square, opposition lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky said. The infringement of the Moscow court is that the verdict against the two almost exclusively based on statements of a convicted person who has concluded a deal with the investigators, said Agranowski the agency Interfax.

The Ministry of Justice in Moscow, on the other hand, reported that it was a success for Russia that the court refused to classify Udaltsov as a political persecutee. In addition, the Strasbourg judges had confirmed that Rasvozhayev's right to freedom of assembly had not been violated.

According to eyewitnesses, he has called for demonstrators to break a police cordon, the ECtHR said. The opposition's actions have led to an escalation of the situation and to clashes between the protesters and the police on 6 May 2012.

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