Russia seems to be more involved in the EU electoral campaign


At least after the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump to the president of the United States, the suspect in the room, Russia is trying to manipulate electoral campaigns in other countries. According to research by the New York Times, there is now two weeks before the EU election a strong evidence of an attempted influence by the Kremlin.

According to US media, European Union investigators have found hundreds of Facebook and Twitter accounts that have deceived the European Union, immigration and NATO. Similarly, there is an abundance of material with Fakenews, which would be transmitted via WhatsApp. For example, it is said that the fire of Notre-Dame is an Islamist terrorist attack. In many cases, the false reports came directly from the Russian state media.

"The goal here is bigger than any other election", the newspaper quotes the FBI analyst Daniel Jones, who works today for the Advance Democracy association. It is a question of weakening faith in institutions, because the European Union is at a crossroads. "They want to destroy everything that was built in the EU after the Second World War."

Russia relies on Antifa and AfD

As for Germany, according to the New York Times, there is an unusual connection: on the one hand, the link between AfD and Russia is known. On the other hand, Russia apparently also supports left forces, as American journalists have studied. So two local groups, "Antifa West Berlin" and "Antifa North East" would use the same server that the Russian government hackers needed. An e-mail address that registers one of the websites of local groups was also used by the Russian side to obtain confidential data.

Noteworthy: both sides have recently requested an anti-AfD demonstration.

According to the report, the incident supports the widespread claim that Russia has no political party interests, but rather seeks to create confusion with its strategy – and thus fundamentally to weaken Western democracies.


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