Russia Successfully Tests Unrivaled Zircon Hypersonic Missile, This Is US Reaction


WASHINGTON – Moscow military successfully test fire Zircon . hypersonic cruise missile from the battleship Admiral Gorshkov in the White Sea with land targets over 350 km away. The United States has responded to the successful test-firing of the missile, which Russian President Vladimir Putin claims is the world’s unrivaled weapon.

The cruise missile, which was detected traveling seven times faster than the speed of sound, successfully hit a ground target on the coast of the Barents Sea. Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday confirmed the test-firing of the Zircon missile and praised Putin.

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Pentagon spokesman John F Kirby was asked at a press conference by a reporter about Russia’s claims that they had successfully tested a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile.

Of course, in a military conflict, the country that can attack first and most decisively has the upper hand. While the US is believed to have the world’s most ferocious submarine fleet, Russia’s advances in hypersonic weapons have been noticed, especially since these missiles are designed to have nuclear capability.

“We are certainly aware of President Putin’s claims,” ​​Kirby said, according to a transcript of his press conference Fox News.

“And while I won’t go into specifics or provide any analysis of his claims, it’s important to note that Russia’s new hypersonic missiles are potentially destabilizing and pose significant risks because they are nuclear-capable systems,” Kirby said.

“The United States is working closely with allies and partners, including NATO, to try to examine these destabilizing activities,” Kirby said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in the US did not mince words in tweet Monday night which warned Washington not to deploy hypersonic missiles in Europe.

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Tweet it starts with a red exclamation mark and reads: “We want to remind @PentagonPressSec that the potential spread [rudal] hypersonic [bendera Amerika] in Europe will be very unstable. Their short flight times will make [bendera Rusia] little or no decision-making time and increases the likelihood of unintentional conflict.”

Tweet it comes when the US is reportedly diverting its attention from railgun to hypersonic technology.

The Pentagon is not yet ready to respond email from the media shortly after tweet Russian embassy appears.



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